Crypto Mixers Towards Safer Transactions

Crypto mixers are a service that combines different streams of recognizable cryptocurrencies. The service improves the anonymity of trades. It makes it difficult for Bitcoin to be tracked back to its source. The mixing service charges a fee of between 1% and 5% of the total amount mixed. Users are free to pick the trade amount. Mixing services such as Coinomize have been established with the principal goal to create a layer of protection between the user’s individuality and their Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency promises accuracy and privacy of transactions. Among the popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a system that records information disabling any form of hack, alter, or attempt to cheat the machine. But, it does not guarantee privacy. You will find blockchain analysis tools and investigators that can trace back the Bitcoin origin through its transaction trail.

Many people use the Bitcoin tumbler to protect their privacy. The tumbling service disconnects the link between the Bitcoin wallet address. A third-party user such as Coinomize is the origin where the user may send the coins or cryptocurrency tokens. The software then collects the coins from different users, swaps the coins, and ultimately returns the coins in the same quantity. The swapping or mixing breaks the connection or trade path between the coin and the original wallet speech. Each user will be given a new coin with another course.

Most people might assume that maintaining anonymity is an issue of concern for offenders. But, privacy is essential for every single user. Third-parties or marketing firms study the buying behavior of the people for advertising purposes. Everybody who makes a Bitcoin transaction with no Bitcoin tumbler dangers their solitude. The marketing firms will observe just how many purchases were made, what products, and how much they own. It becomes an alarming thing of concern once the third-parties involve offenders who can cause a greater threat to the user and his/her particulars.

Any order that you put in coinomize will come with a Letter of Guarantee. The Letter of Guarantee usually includes a number, known as the order number. The order number comes in handy when verifying an order. In case the browser gets crashes or disconnected while mixing your bitcoins, you can use the order amount to recover your own bitcoins. Therefore, even if the browser receives crashes or disconnected while blending, there is not anything to worry about. Your coins will never be dropped. The order number also contains proof that the bitcoin speech is owned by coinomize. Thus, coinomize is the ideal platform to block your bitcoins from spreading back to you.