Shincheonji The Fastest Growing Religious Sect In South Korea

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, called SCJ, is considered the fastest-growing religious sect in South Korea. It is also known as the Church of Jesus or the temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Lee Man-hee found that the church in March 1984. It is mostly established in South Korea. The term”Shincheonji” is a Korean word which translates to”New Heaven and Earth”.

The offshoot Christian brand new spiritual movement is controversial with tens of thousands of negative media posts. On the other hand, the church continues to execute various cultural and volunteer efforts. The church’s fame and its teachings are widespread worldwide, thereby leading to its increased membership. Lee Man-hee, the creator and leader of the church, is also known as the promised pastor, the chairman, the one who overcomes or the urge.

The church’s doctrine state that Lee Man-hee is the guaranteed pastor mentioned in the New Testament written in the Holy Bible. They think that the Bible is written in metaphors that only Lee Man-hee alone can decode and interpret. It further claims that the best way to get salvation and revel in eternal life can be found in the church members’ authentic religion. Everyone who isn’t a part of the church will be denied forgiveness and destroyed during the final judgment. The church’s journey traces back to Lee Man-hee, who had been a part of various religious groups in the past.

After leaving all other religious groups, Lee Man-hee found his religious team and launched its original temple in March 1984 at Anyang, Gyeonggi Province. Since its membership grew, it established the Zion Christian Mission Center in Seoul. Further, the membership in South Korea was divided into twelve tribes according to the geographic territories. It’s currently headquartered in Gwacheon, which has a prophetic significance according to this Shincheonji theology. The church in 2014 was reported to have over 120,000 members. The church’s most widespread teachings have led to a heightened membership not just confined within South Korea but across the world.

The church’s philosophy say that Lee Man-hee, the creator and leader of this church, is the pastor promised from the New Testament contained in the Holy Bible. It says that the current world is residing at the time prophesied by the Book of Revelation. It further talks about the way salvation or eternal life lies inside true faith together with the members. Everyone who’s not a part of this church will be refused forgiveness and ruined during the final judgment.